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The human being is a place for memories, a place of perception connected to the different planes of creation through life. The Feeling Path awakens this" sacred place".


The first step for the « seeker » is to experiment the evidence of Feeling, their closest friend. The body's sensation, so far missing, builds an alchemic link, a loving relation between their sleeping bodies and their voracious consciences. 

It is the first awakening of the Presence: the meeting of love without any proof.


The Feeling Path is embodied in a loving relationship with the physical body. It is extremely carnal, creative, and magical. It finds its root in life through senses which are five greedy impressions collectors. It is the experimental practice that operates in the depth of daily life.

This Path does not depend on any religious, philosophical or psychological principle; it takes its source in one of the most human ancient traditions, shamanism.

La voie du sentir
Le chamanisme


Shamanism was considered in its origin, its development, and its practice as a human spiritual science as accurate as medicine, astronomy, physics. The difference with the other sciences is that shamanic knowledge may in no way be enclosed in rational systems of which are the hallmarks of Western thinking. 


In Europe, we only have superficial versions of shamanism, limited to healing, witchcraft, powers referring to hallucinatory ecstasies. In general, we ignore today the real signification of what shamanism and the process of physical and spiritual transmutations experienced by shamans. 


Women and men shamans have been through secret initiations, which have accelerated the evolution of their conscience in its entirety. 


Shamans are solitary non wandering beings concerned to feel living.


They have no formulated religion, no elaborated philosophy, no dogmas which enclose them.They free themselves of mental doubt, after a voluntary reconversion of their linked rational and convex thinking. 


Shamans have no metaphysical language, they endlessly are in the unique time. 


So, shamanism, as a therapy, can contribute to expand and free the actual conscious state of the man muffled in his "mechanics", far from mystery, this mystery that the Elders called God, and that we carry in our deep memory cells.

Luis Ansa





Luis Ansa

The proposed approach to the researcher is the meeting with the Mind of his physical body and the mystery who lives in him.

This work, based on the experience in itself, asks requires for a personal engagement, to create the contact with the body’s sensation.


The sensitive experience includes a precise technique comprising various levels.

First level

- Study of the voluntary division of the attention

· Identification

·- Wandering attention – Directed attention

Second level

- Sensation and self-remembering

- Sensation of the physical body

·- The modified state of consciousness

Third level


- The instinctive sensation

- The emotional sensation

Fourth level

- The art of feeling, superior bodies

- The sensation in the waking dream

- The sensation and the planets

- The prayer of the body

La formation
Sylvie Andreux




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