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Thanks to meetings, for over twenty years with Luis Ansa and the astonished and uncatchable Path of Feeling, Sylvie Andreux, a psychotherapist trained at the systemic school, dives with no turning back into the adventure and the experimentation which is proposed to her: the awakening of the body's sensation.
An awakening in contact with the physical body, stripped of the reason, the analysis and all the very fashionable interpretations in the therapeutic milieu.

Finding the body and the mystery it contains, Sylvie Andreux received  from Luis Ansa, from the nagual's tradition and the schools of knowledge, the necessary information and wherewithal to learn how to live better in this world and to propose to man and woman who are busy thinking, another way of being, an art of living their daily lives.


Guided by Luis Ansa she came in to contact and explored the precious work of the schools of knowledge, of the naguals’, of Christian hermetism, of sufism, and of Gurdjieff's work.

Releasing herself from the burden of the past, from experiment to experiment, in contact with the body's sensation, a truly transmutation in the heart of the substance awakens, causing the meeting with another brain.  

A transmutation, releasing the spirit and the body from loneliness, to give way to the presence and to the spirit of the body. A feminine delight in the heart of the organic material.

She then walks off the trail a thousand times already borrowed from the unique psychological version proposed to the human being and inaugurates, in herself , then with female and male psychologist friends, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, the premises of a new therapy.
Delved to the heart of this nagual tradition through contacts with Luis Ansa who empowered her to restore the human being in herself and in others, she created in 2006 The Sensitive Therapy of Paris, without any validation either of the past, or of the present or the future.

This opening onto psychology gave birth to the international College of Sensitive Therapy in Paris.

Enlivened by the urgent necessity to give to women a way to recover her body, her origin, her expression, her creativity, she received in the space created by the Nagual, a specifically feminine space, the mysterious and unthinkable " Woman's Wheel" descended from the feminine Maya-Toltec tradition.

Bathed in body silence and the origin it contains, an ignored and condemned origin by the thinking and the woman herself, she played a  part with some women friends in Paris, in the creation of the " Circle for the inner Spirit of  Woman".

She proposed, descended from the feminine Maya-Toltec lineage, a window to knowledge aimed at restoring the feminine part in the human being, from which oblivion and negation can't last longer in our so called civilized societies.

In 2011, Sylvie Andreux became the leader of the Feeling Path in Europe. She proposed the Feeling Path of the physical body to men and women who wanted it.

Through conferences in many towns in France, Belgium, Switzerland,  Italy, she gives, the wherewithal to any person who wants it coming from the Feeling Path founded by Luis Ansa, to approach the body's sensation and the part of the mystery it contains.



The memory is inside the body 
The memories in the brain

Through the fascinating story of her meeting with Luis Ansa, a nagual right in Paris, Sylvie Andreux, trained in psychology, discovered a new way of being and feeling. She revealed to us that we can say"stop!" to our personal history and to our accumulation of pains, complains, regrets, and fantasized tales.

Changing one’s destiny becomes possible by getting our body and what it contains back which makes us proud to stand up in our lives. A new therapy, a non psychological therapy, appears. Becoming our own therapist: a way to be alive.

In this plentiful book of experiences where we can recognize ourselves , we discover the Sensitive Therapy, offering ourselves an opening in order to stop being some " followers", and enter our proper creativity. How? That is the secret that the amazing adventure of this woman reveals in contact with The Feeling Path.

Sylvie Andreux is psychotherapist trained in systemic approach, Palo Alto's school. Being committed to the emergence of a new therapy out of any system or analysis, not unconnected with any known psychology, Sylvie Andreux created inside The Feeling Path founded by Luis Ansa, the Sensitive Therapy.




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Racontés par Sylvie Andreux

2018 - Les éditions de la Voie du Sentir



Sylvie Andreux
2013 - Editions Vega

Sylvie Andreux
2014 - “La Voie du Sentir”

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