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"My meeting with Luis Ansa changed my life." That is what thousands of people could say across Europe, through the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Africa.

He never in any case left those who where next to him unmoved, either through his first books regarding Sufism, or the best known ones relating to a part of his life in the secret of  shamans "Les sept plumes de l'aigle" (The eagle’s seven feathers),"Le secret de l'aigle" (The eagle secret), and those coming from his direct experience with the Nagual "La nuit des chamans" (Shamans’ night) and "Le mystère du Nagual" (Nagual’s mystery).

Painter, lacquer, professor in Ecole du Louvre, writer, speaker, Luis Ansa, sowed for years in the heart of those he met a deep friendship in those who knew how to receive it. A plainl, frank, solid, strong and tender friendship to his own image.

Creator of the Feeling Path, he proposed it to our old Europe used to think, then he opend to thousands of people the door to the living.
As Master, he taught, informed our ignorant brains, what is the nature of our human situation to which he dedicated his life offering this rare honey, drawn from the heart of spice from those who are all love.

What he especially gave back to our poor and only thinking humanity, was the body. " The sensation of the body, an emotion that contains the feeling" that he explored as an artisan. A discoverer of what exists in the substance, hidden from our eyes: the sensation of the body, the soul of the World, the spirit of the body as he named it and the sovereign world contained in the substance.

Then he rubbed shoulders with the big masters of sufism like Rumi, the big masters of the Christian mystique: the Beguines and more particularly Marguerite Porète, master Eckart: "let your God be from your substance". ​ 

Inspired by either some Naqsband sufis, or masters of masters as master of the shamans: the Naguals, ( titles for which he has no use),Luis Ansa operated during his entire life to restore the noble part in the human being, liberating them from the only philosophic, religious and psychologic version in which we are enclosed.

More particularly he paved for the first time the way to women, a royal way of knowledge based on his strong desire and the deep human necessity to give the possibility to females to appear in this world , and to carry their own words within the path to knowledge. He gave Western women the mysterious wheel of toltec women.

The Feeling Path, touches the heart of many women and many men wishing to operate in themselves to reachanother humanity.

Creating the Feeling Path from a direct experiment with the body, Luis Ansa proposed to us, we "rightly thinking" westerners , a deep therapy, of the feeling, bringing down considerably the pressure of the mental which gets us mad of reason.

At the heart of the organic substance, he constantly invited us to join the world of memory, a world of experience and not of knowing , a sensitive world apart from the mental.

Giving to the body its place without denying the mental, Luis Ansa had no rest until we were born a second time right at  the heart of the body's life and not only of the spirit's life.

« Si la chair a été cause de l'esprit, c'est une merveille ; mais si l'esprit a été cause du corps, c'est une merveille de merveilles. Mais moi, je m'émerveille de ceci : comment cette grande richesse a habité cette pauvreté. » Jésus, évangile selon Thomas


"If the flesh has been the spirit's cause, it is a wonder, but if the spirit has been the body's cause, it is a wonder of wonders. But I am astounded by this: how this big richness lived in this poverty." Jesus, Gospel according to Thomas.



Luis Ansa has gone from this Earth, may he rest in peace. God blesses him.

He operates somewhere else near to his people as Omar Ali Sha, in some very close worlds, as he loved to say.

The Nagual never disappears, he glides like the eagle in the sky, he crosses you at the corner of a path, of an idea , he dances with the rain, speaks in the wind.

Infinite gratitude to him and profound affection to our Friend Luis Ansa.

In 1960, in the center of the eastern spirituality based in Grez, near Paris, Luis Ansa received the vedic teaching for three years from the masters of Ramakrisna 's order.

In contact with Raymond Abellio, writer, expert in phenomenology of the E. Husserl 's school , he learnt the basics of this literary art.


His concomitant meeting with the fearsome school of G.I. Gurdjief, where, under the aegis of Vera Daumal, he spent six years, and at the same time in relation with Lanzo del Vasto, he received within this circle, the teaching of the difficult « Way of let go », based on the social aspect in which, the western man spends the chief part of his time.


Then he met, in the person of master Idries Shah, and of his brother Omar Ali Shah, sufism, unfamiliar teaching to his christian background, where his spirit, avoiding the comparative system of our thinking, has been able, to learn to learn. Which involved, in front of each wandering, each meeting, avoiding to compare the new to what we know or believe we know.

The daily contact with sufism, during more than twenty years, allowed Luis Ansa to draw up a summary of the different background traditions, and to realize, that in all those equally excellent and deep ways, there was a missed element next to the verb, and that this phenomenon which activated the necessity of the « named » was the sensation.


The sensation of the physical body, and nothing else.

Diving in womanhood which is the feeling, the heart of sensation, and letting oneself be taught loosening one’s  grip of everything we know, whether about life or about oneselves, is a veritable metanoia, without any master, guru or instructor.


Later on, he 's been confronted to shamanism and he discovered, not the answer to his questions, but the real origin and the purpose of his quest. 


And it is with this total revival point of view of knowledge, philosophy, and esoterism that Luis Ansa established in 1994, the association "the Art of Secret".

Biographie de Luis Ansa A



Luis Ansa, painter, writer, speaker, is the hero of Henri Gougaud’s cult book. “LES SEPT PLUMES DE L’AIGLE“


“THE SEVEN FEATHERS OF THE EAGLE“ published by Seuil in April 1995.

This story tells Luis Ansa’s initiation which started in the ruins of Tiahuanaco, where as a teenager, he met El Chura, a shaman, “a fox plumage man“ who  will urge make him look : for the seven feathers of the eagle, the seven secrets of life. This meeting will create others : that of the guardian of the time, of the old Chipès, of dona Maria, of love, who is the first world’s mystery.  That strange, tormented, quest for knowledge and light, has actually taken place, one day – one time – between the Sierra Grande, the lanes of La Paz and the Machu Picchu plateau.



Luis Ansa
1984 - Dervish International France

“That intention was supported and guided by the gratitude to all the masters of the Christian Hermeticism, of  Sufism, of Hinduism and of  Buddhism, that have marked my life“. L.A.


The human being needs to transcend their purely social and animal dimensions of consumption.


They have, confusedly stated, deeply hidden in them, one unaltered memory, that talks to them of a greatness buried in their substance. This book addresses this memory, this greatness.



Edition 2011
Les Editions du Relié / Le Relié Poche

As well as in our genes each individual’s biological evolution is listed since birth, as well as inside our cells the knowledge of the universe is deposited in a memory within human reach. This book is an invitation to a trip, without any mystery and in full light, within our own reality. It is not

to go somewhere, but to return to oneself.

It is not an illumination, it is to BE, in a natural, kind and simple manner.



Luis Ansa - Henri Gougaud
2000 - Editions Albin Michel

“A shaman hasn’t got any history“ Luis Ansa told me over one of our never-ending coffees.

That is what Luis Ansa gives us here : new episodes of his life, illuminated by the light of this wonder that makes us the lively eyes, and the emotional speech, when we recall them to the conscience, to offer them to a friend. They are also, of course, revealing meaning. This does not mean that they are always reasonable : the love for life is not. In interviews that complement this book we talked profusely about this meaning and beneficial folly that pushes us to live constantly.

A wish to conclude the few lines : May Luis Ansa’s words be as joyfully nourishing for the reader as they were and still are for me“.

Henri Gougaud.



Luis Ansa
2005 - Les Editions du Relié

Luis Ansa brings us to Mexico, in an amazing initiatory journey with a few shaman Peruvian and Toltec friends, ethnologists, and a Franciscan monk. Maya pyramids of Chichen Itza to other sacred sites, Kuxtal, Mitla, Palenque… multiple revelations wait these men and women. Their trip, where the real and the unreal often intertwines, brings them to within themselves, to better know the Indian soul and the presence of occult powers in yesterday’s and today’s Mexico.



Luis Ansa
2010 - Les Editions du Relié

Two years after his experience with the Toltec shaman don Justino and his daughter Inès, Luis goes back to Mexico in order to solve the mystery of Naguals, secret holders of the ancient religion of Mexico. Don Justino is a Nagual, in some way a superior shaman, and Luis hopes to become his apprentice. Don Justino accepts to give him an accelerated initiation first entrusting him to donaJuana, a young shaman, 25 years old, as beautiful and sensual as Inès…She teaches him to channel his attention positively, an energy inside the physical body. To develop this sensitive attention she introduces him to a series of exercises that he will need to repeat every day.

In parallel, Justino entrusts him to two other shamans : first don Benito Silva, a powerful sorcerer who, during a nocturnal ritual, teaches him to get out of his fears and to awake powers in him by ceasing to focus on objects mentally to be constantly present in his body and his sensations in order to live in a state of wider knowledge, combined with the whole, an awakened knowledge, into every cell… ».



Histoires chamaniques

Luis Ansa 2016 - Editions le Relié

Luis Ansa as a legend man tells in this book, through one of the most delicious writings, these stories of life that makes you feel like loving, laughing, talking, these very alive legends and their mystery nearby, who fill the dreams of women and men, if we know how to hear them. You meet Natay, the little solitary Indian and his grandfather don Quintana, the old sorcerer, and their surprising conversation ; the powerful  reality of Feliciano’s dream ; the Juan Serrano’s initiation in the feminine world ; the birth of « P’tit conte » in the legendary world ; the mysterious and amazing presence of dona Jacinta and her lover who did not request so much ! As a living storyteller, these tales feed and teach, immersed as they are in the heart of memory. May they travel carried on by winds.

Bibliographie de Luis Ansa A
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