Luis Ansa, painter, writer, speaker, is the hero of Henri Gougaud’s cult book. “LES SEPT PLUMES DE L’AIGLE“


“THE SEVEN FEATHERS OF THE EAGLE“ published by Seuil in April 1995.

This story tells Luis Ansa’s initiation which started in the ruins of Tiahuanaco, where as a teenager, he met El Chura, a shaman, “a fox plumage man“ who  will urge make him look : for the seven feathers of the eagle, the seven secrets of life. This meeting will create others : that of the guardian of the time, of the old Chipès, of dona Maria, of love, who is the first world’s mystery.  That strange, tormented, quest for knowledge and light, has actually taken place, one day – one time – between the Sierra Grande, the lanes of La Paz and the Machu Picchu plateau.